the weight

November 7th, 2013
after the renovation .... we have checked the weight .....

having ~ 440# on the main hull + bd part > 150# on the float + bd part + the hvf 
so we are having 600# together + with the rig and basic anchoring etc 

after extending the protest to 39' next year > we are expecting a total of  800#
and a displacement of 1400#

so then we can cross any ocean .... then !


September 7th, 2013

from the cockpit to the inside of the hvfp now >

on top > charts > pencil etc > right and left >
gps ….. flash lite etc

then further on down > right > the baro meter >
left > the weather radio

out side the picture > further on down > the steering >
next picture > later on ….

Bild 116

progess on the renovation of the hvfp

August 27th, 2013


a view of the new coating
 of epoxy with titanium dioxide mixed in it

a view of the float fin >

Oktober 29th, 2012


interior lightes

September 10th, 2012

take 3 leds …. with a 33k resistance > all in series

place them strategically within your boats interior
and check wether or not your intensity is right or too low

because you can easily reduce the resistance
to make them brighter

since if you would be having a 100 ah battery ….
this power would be lasting a million hours  !

cover all metal parts with a poly urethan varnish
for the prevention of any corrosion …

the hinge … how it will work >

August 10th, 2012


above we see first on the top > simulated  sailing to the left
the then rear hinge going up !

then simulated  sailing to the right
the then front hinge going down !

then > the hinge > with no stress it all >
meaning on changing directions ….

here we see >

Juli 29th, 2012


the later hinged fin > standing on the proa !

now we have to do the hinge > with the side wall of a tire

an other view you can see at >

the hvf almost done

Juni 28th, 2012

we got it all evened out now ….

20# floatation weight …..
10# hanging weight >
meaning 30# all of it

the titanium oxide uv cover
is all that is left to be done ….. now!

see >

> 1 model 

for the actual building of !

saving weight when laminating >

Mai 21st, 2012

to be using just epoxy when laminating fabric >
will bring too much over all weight !

because …. in between the treads of the fabric >
there is a lot of space being filled with all that heavy epoxy  !

so … we add tiny glas spheres in to the epoxy already mixed >
then this mixture will weigh only about half … over all !

we will have to > put this on first > and apply the fabric after …..
to soake up all the liquide !

the new fin at this stage …..

September 12th, 2011


weighing about 10# now > with the 2 main layers of cloth on

we will see about 20# with 8+2 glas ….. 

for more > see the yahoo proadesign group !