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Dienstag, März 24th, 2009




a new concept > hvfp

Sonntag, März 8th, 2009

……. this blog will show the new developments of proadesign !

meaning mostly ….. the new hvfp >

if we develop a new concept …… it has to be some times radically new !
meaning > all new > not only a modification of the old > meaning just to take the vfp as a basis !

so ….. we will not just take a vfp …. put a hinge on the bridge deck !
but we put a minimum wetted surface float on > where the vf was >

then we need to have a flexible connection to the hvf >
so the fin has always an angle of attack !
even if the the rest of the boat is being pushed to ww from the wave current …
or if the main hull is heeled to leeward …
and this heeling is causing the bow to come up

meaning the hvf would have a negative aoa ……..

then we need to have a minimum resistance hvf >
since ….. we dont want any more resistance to wind ward then neccessary
or we will need too much sail in front to balance …..

and we would have more over all resistance !