why …… the going is so slow !

till the end of the year 2000 .... I was convinced > the vfp was my ultimate boat !

I liked every thing about it > the long water line > the changing directions >
the safety of the fin ....

then people started talking about rotational inertia at the proafile
and robert biegler there was showing a way to uncouple the fin from the boat ....

but ... just putting a hinge on the beam ? . I didnt think this would be a practical vessel !
so I came up with a tri type of a concept .... you can see at www.proatech.org from 2001 ...

but the hvfp turned out a lot less > all you need >
a small float and a special hinge to have the right angle of attack
on the vector fin at all times !

now we have a boat > easy to trailor > having more effective boa >
so the new rig is 50% higher > 2x the sail area > a deeper fin possible !
and the ride > flying already at very low speeds !

even though there will be trimarans if the water line is limited >
and the float can be much longer as in the americas cup !

or there will always be beach cats ! the traditional proa .... vfp for some !
or if you want to stay in a marina > even a mono !

the hvfp is my new ultimate sailing vessel ! .... and the fact ....
it will take a long time be fore it is perfected > doesnt bother me that much ....

some thing being totally wrong with this planet ... I have known since I was 3 ....
but since about 1999 > the age of stupid < is really bothering me ... I dont mean the movie !
so finding a way for wisdom to come upon this planet .... is taking most of my time now ...


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